2014 Spring Rehearsal Tracks

 Sop Alto Tenor Bass Other  
S1  S2   A     solo Both Sides Now
S  A T1  T2   B1  B2   Bridge over Troubled Water
S  A T  B   California Dreamin'
S  A T  B  small group Feelin' Groovy
S  A1  A2  T   B1  B2   Helplessly Hoping
S  A  T  B   Homeward Bound
S  A  T  B  solo I ain't Gonna Study War
S  A  T  B   Let It Be
S  A  T  B  small group I'd like to Teach the World to Sing
 S   A  T  B   Scarborough/Sound of Silence
 S1  S2  A  T  B   Teach Your Children
 S  A  T  B   This Land is Your Land
 S  A  T  B   Turn! Turn! Turn!
 S  A  T  B   The Water is Wide
          We Shall Overcome
 S  A  T  B   Where Have all the Flowers Gone