Christmas 2017

   Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass Links
Oseh Shalom               Hebrew S1   S2 A1   A2 T B  
Al Hanissim                  Hebrew S A T B  
Puer Natus Est S1   S2 A1   A2 T1   T2 B1   B2  Full performance
Hanukah Fantasy   (text is below)) S A T B  
Dreydl S A T B  
Set Me As a Seal S A T B  
 Borukh ate (with text!)  S  A  T  B  Full performance
 A Chanukah Carol       Hebrew  S  A  T  B  
 Fayer                           Yiddish  S  A  T  B  Full Performance
Hayom S A T B  
O Ir Kleine  Here is a link to a recording for the text S A T B


Hanukah Fantasy Hebrew   Dreidel     Maoz Tsur Jerusalem v.1 v.2 v.3 Chorus  
Light One Candle        

Peter Paul and Mary's performance recording


Recording of our arrangement (DeCormier)


I'll Be Home for Christmas S A T B