Bass / Baritone Rehearsal Notes

October 19
Cost of music - 22.95 if you already own White Christmas, 24.90 if you needed a copy of White Christmas
Annual Dues - 50 for individual, 80 for couples
Fayer, Fayer - we worked in Yiddish, HEYS pronounced with LONG I (one of those exceptions to the rules) in this piece
Sussex Carol
Al Hanissim - text comes fast
Puer natus est nobis - more spots where baritones cover Tenor 2 are appearing
Borukh ate 
October 12, 2017
Bridget will lead October 19 rehearsal, at Olin
Dues are payable to Maine Music Society, collected by Woody, at $50 and $80 couple
We do not know music prices
Chorale is invited to Temple Shalom Sunday, December 17, 5:00 or 5:30, to sing portions of our Holiday Concert.  Potluck - no meat or fish
Ding Dong - lots of Hs in Gloria
Al Hanissim - practice the Hebrew
Puer natus est nobis - baritones cover for tenor 2s (examples m12 m38 m61), make this "float", m19 and m41 no breath, m21 and m48 breathe, m76 no breath, pages 8 and 9 difficult, dynamics
I'll Be Home - needs work
Oseh Shalom - observe the printed breaths - especially m14 and m15, m37 ritard starts, ritards in m18 and m30, add crescendo to m22, dynamics
Light One Candle - do the words clearly - don't miss consonants
October 5, 2017
Next rehearsal, October 12, at Olin
In dulci jubilo - 4 measure phrases
I'll Be Home - m96 to  end concentrate on legato and smoothness (think light beam) - same concerns at beginning, m14 has a fast triplet, m60 and m92 we cover tenors
Carol for Chanukah - add quarter rests to ms8 22 52 to shorten tied note, no breath m56, careful on 8th note runs
Blessed be that maid Mary - YAY ZOOS, 2  choirs with choir 1 stage right, cover tenors for one measure top of p26 and bottom of p25
O ir kleyne likhtelekh - no breath in m41, cover tenors in m2 and m23, mostly 2 measure phrases and watch John for the few exceptions
Hanukah Fantasy - practice text at speed
Spotless Rose - a Chorale favorite
September 28, 2017
Next rehearsal at Franco Center October 5
Thank you, Shelley, for your pronunciation tracks.  Very helpful.
Sussex Carol - note men and women swap midway through verses 1 and 2, don't go to consonant too soon in ON and THEN - let vowel sound
O, ir kleyne - there is a link on to for a clear recording for Yiddish pronunciation, EI sounds like long A
A Boy was Born - 
Hanukah Fantasy - worked in Hebrew and Yiddish
Puer natus est nobis - John says to concentrate on this, m13 breath, no breaths m15 and m22, p9 most difficult
Light One Candle -


September 21, 2017
(Practice Sept 28 in Olin)
Shelley is working on Hebrew and Yiddish tracks - on
Bridget lead the rehearsal while John in Leipzig
It's the Most Wonderful - m142 and 144 drop tied notes to lengthen rests, m102 observe rest, dynamics
In dulci jubilo - m32 ch sound for c 
Good King Wenceslas - keep smooth and not note note note 
Al Hanissim - on tah, watch accidentals on p8, 10, and 11, frequent clef changes for us 
Oseh Shalom - in Hebrew, slow 
O, ir kleyne likhtelekh - on tah, slow and sweetly, key change on p7 needs attention 
Ding Dong 
Hanukah Fantasy - tah and English
September 14, 2017
Next rehearsal, Sept 21, at Franco Center
Three pieces have been dropped: Set me as a seal, Hayom T'amtzenu, and one other that we had not looked at
Ding Dong Merrily on High - Hs on Gloria, m45 baritones start covering tenor 2
In dulci jubilo - m21 JEE SU, m8 SHOW 
solfege exercise - do re mi, do mi fa, do fa sol, do sol la, do la ti, do ti do, and down also
Al Hanissim - on tahs, p8 to end baritones cover tenor 2, m60 is example of dropping english syllable to change note value
Oseh Shalom - Shelley is teaching us Hebrew pronunciation, SEH short E like SETH, BIM like BEAM
Hanukah Fantasy - Shelley adds Yiddish instruction, p23 pronunciation guide, p6 to p12 is Yiddish and the rest is Hebrew, in Yiddish flip the Rs
A Spotless Rose 
September 7, 2017
Note - Sept 21 we rehearse at Franco Center
            For now, practice using Tahs and Dahs on Yiddish and Hebrew pieces
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
I'll Be Home for Christmas - watch m96 to end
White Christmas - sing m6+7 up an octave if you want, m25 unison HEAR needs open vowel
Spotless Rose - in English
Puer natus est nobis - watch dynamics
Carol for Chanukah
O, ir kleyne likhtelekh
Borukh ate
Hayom T'amtzenu
I Am A Little Dreydl
Set me as a Seal
Hanukah Fantasy - skip repeats on p9 and p11 in Dreidel section