Soprano Rehearsal Notes

March 8th we are at Bates chapel for rehearsal.  Bridget directing us next practice at Olin February 22.   $21 for music goes to Woody Trask if you haven't paid yet.
1.  Page 3 sing strongly not loudly.  John for cut off m. 19.  Crescendo m. 12 through 14.  No breath m. 17.  M. 16 and 17 <hair pins> watch John.  Big breath together  
m. 46 then soft to end. 
2. Kyrie.  Accent the K sound Kyrie and Christe.  
3.  Communio.  Sopranos enter measure 9 f.  Ritard begins m.78.
4.  Confitebor, page 13.  Enter m. 14 softly. <qui> measure 18.  Measure 67-69 crescendo to high notes.  Quiet breath m. 59 etc.
5.  Beatus vir.  Page 26.  Measure 11, 12, 13<po> hair pins.  De crescendo m. 21.
6. Requiem offertorium, p. 43.  Begins p and gently grows to f first 2 measures.  <Rex gloriae> <libera> watch dynamics.
7.  Hostias, p. 51.  Sang through.   Note dynamics.
8.  Lacrimosa, p. 40.  Sang through. 
Saturday rehearsal 
1.  Laudate pueri, p. 38.  Measure 31 change half note to quarter and rest.  B natural m. 32.  Measure 52 add breath as above.  
2.  Magnificat, p. 52.  Memorize opening so we can watch John.  Dim. M. 40, and 53-54.  Watch John directing the ending.
3.  Rex Tramendae.  P. 24.  Count in 8 ending, m. 20-22.
4.  Confutatis, p. 35. Measure 17 pitch drops by 1/3.  
5.  Lacrimosa, p. 40 larghetto.  Always make last sa short on lacrimosa.  Keep it smooth and lyrical m. 13 to 18.
6.  Sanctus, p. 58.  Breath silently and early.  Watch John for cut offs.  We are all together through the beginning.  Sit at end of this section, and prepare by finding next entrance page 66.  We stand after m. 50.
7.  Agnus dei.  Long ritard begins m. 43 to end.  <18><19>
 Beatus vir.  We will work on this with Bridget next rehearsal.


February 1
Thank you all for your hard work.
1.  Page 38, Laudate pueri.  Diminish at measures 11, 16, 24, 41, 46, 51-52, 81.  Crescendo at measures 17, 18, 21, 53.  Half note and rest for breath at m. 27.  Accent ter and softer on ra m. 34.  Breath measure 37 on 4th beat.  Accent ta m. 53.  Breath m. 71.  85-87 slow crescendo.   We worked measure 60 to end of movement.  Be sure the b flat measure 74 is confident as it is our lead in.
2.  Magnificat  page 52.  Loud and immediatly soft.  Repeated in the piece so watch the dynamic markings.  Accent those wee grace notes.   Measure 7 the pulse doubles
From the beginning of the movement.  Worked m. 85 to the end.  Put ti e into this for next week. 
3.  Requiem Kyrie page 8.  This needs precision.   Sequenz Dies irae page 14.  Look at m. 25 on page 45 of Offertorium.
January 18
Mozart pieces use ecclesiastical Latin.
1.  Vespers.  Dixit.  Worked this in sections dueting with basses.   A crescendo at the end of m. 22-23.  Worked to measure 64.
2.  Kyrie from the requiem, page 8.  Touch the high noted, not punch them.  M. 21 pronouce e (as in set) a( as in cape).  We worked to measure 64.
3. Laudate pueri, page 38 Vesperaes.  No solos in this movement.  The ending 2 measures the notes are doubled in length.
4.  Hostias, Requiem, page 51.  John wants us to work on the fugue section page 54, starting with m. 55.
  During break Maine Music Society presented a report by chair Connie Hitchcock and Gil LaPointe treasurer on the organization's financial standing.  The society finances are short 15%  at -$16,177.  They are looking for help to correct this problem.
Jan 11
Welcome and welcome back for Mozart Requiem and Vesperae solennes.  Our next practice is at the Franco Center,  not at Olin for the 18th of January
  Practice was a run through with John at the piano of movements from both pieces to introduce us to the music.   
  See the 18th  at the Franco Center.