Soprano Rehearsal Notes

October 19
Cost of music is $22.95 if you own White Christmas, and $24.90 including cost of  White Christmas.  Dues are $50 each or $80 for couples.  Checks to Maine Music Society, and collected by Woody Trask.
1. Fayer, Fayer.  Yiddish language.   Dueting parts with Bridget directing us.  We started at the end and worked forward measure 25 sung in cut time.  Finished singing through the piece.
2.  Sussex Carol.  Soprano 2 are chorus 1 and Soprano 1 are chorus 2.  Watch the balance of parts on all pieces.  The over all blend is what we are looking for throughout the concert.  Let John tell us if he wants more from the sopranos. 
3.  Al Hanissim.  Dueting parts then sang through.
4.  Puer natusest nobis.  Don't run over the endings.  Watch John for cut offs especially on rests and endings.  S sounds need to be very subtle.   Breath measure 21 and end 23 to keep it flowing.
5.  Borukh ate.  Learn the Hebrew!   


October 12
Bridget will direct us next practice at Olin.
1.  Ding ding merrily on high.  Gloria song with distinct ho for the o sound to be crisp.
2.  Al Hanissim.  Language.
3.  Puer natus est nobis.  No breath in cantate phrases.  Breath at page turn end of m. 23.  Ptacrices chords top of p. 6.  Breaths measures 41, 48, 74.  Learn the notes please.
4.  I'll be home for Christmas.   Sang through. Study this for next practice.  There are Bridget tracks on
5.  Oseh Shalom.  Follow breath markings.  Add crescendo m. 22.
6.  Light one candle.  Pronounce the words!  Soprano divide m. 109 to end.  Top p. 16 basses and altos melody.  Bottom p. 5  don't sing through rests.
Oct 5
1.  In dulci jubilo.  Sing through as warm up.
2.  I'll be home for Christmas.   Page32, Measure 92 to end we worked to make the chords, then moved to the start of the piece speaking the words in rhythm.  Work on this as it needs more time to get it together.
3.  A carol for Chanukah.  Measure 22 an 52, change the half note to a quarter note and rest.  Soprano and alto parts sang first 4 pages.  No breath measure 56.  Don't accent the A in measure 62.  Work on Hebrew pronunciation. 
4.  Blessed be that maid Mary.  Chorus1 left side nearest Bridget and chorus 2 on the right side.  Page 25 parts separate. 
5.  O ir kleyne likhtelekn.  No breath measure 10, and 14.  Crescendo measure 16.
Breath marks:  measures 19, 23, 27, 35 after altos finish, 39, 43, 45, 47, 49, 51, 55, 57.
Begin this piece very lightly and hauntingly. 
6.  Hanukah fantasy.  Sing through.   John will have a few copies available  that Valerie created to help with the repeats on this piece. 
7.  A spotless rose.  Sing through, with wonderful descant.
Sept 28
Franco Center next practice Thursday,  October 5th. 
1.  Sussex Carol.  Opening  sopranos and altos,   Men join at m. 7 and women sing next line top page 97, and full chorus on the next line where it goes to the beginning with men starting verse 2 then chorus middle page 97.  Choir 1 is sung by soprano 2 page 98 with Soprano 1 on ah, second time thru soft to second ending.  Page 99 choir parts in normal placement to the end. Phew!
2.  O, ir kleyne likhtelekn.  A cappella a version is on to help with diction. Sang through on ta.  Breath measure 41, 45.  Match up with basses m. 17, and with altos at m. 21.
3.  A boy is born.  Benjamin Britten.  Well pointed piece.  Follow dynamic markings.
4.  Hanukah fantasy.  Sang in sections.  This will end the first half of the program.  Page 15 repeat 2nd time piano, and 3rd time a cappella with coda.  Sing joyfully.
5.  Puer natus est nobis.  Church Latin, unaccompanied.
6.  Light one candle.  Division m. 84 with othere to the end.


Sept 21
John in Germany, so Bridget lead the rehearsal.
Next practice back at Olin.
1.  It's the most wonderful time of the year. The la la las m. 101  make the last la short to give it a lift, and sing it lightly. .  Measure 142 drop the half note, more time to breathe.   We worked in sections dueting parts.  Soprano two parts are seperated from the alto parts.
2.  In dulci jubilo.  All sopranos on the descant.  Watch dynamics in all pieces.  It is easy to get excited and sing too loudly.  Fit in with everyone elses volume.
3.  Good king Wenceslas.  Make it flow as Bridget said, and not strong beats like the piano.
4.  Al Hanissim.  Sing to God.   Shelley Rau is putting the Hebrew text on,  so check it out.  The ending, drop the last 1/8 note.
5.  Oseh Shalom.  Slow and very very soft.  Sang thru in Hebrew.  Follow dynamic markings.
6.  o ir kleyne...sung sweetly.
7.  Ding dong merrily on high.  Glo ho ho ho.  Accenting for clear sound in the Franco center.
8.  Hanukah fantasy. Sang through the whole piece.
So great to welcome our newest sopranos.
  Practice this coming Thursday,  September 21st is at the Franco Center at 46 Cedar St., Lewiston. Bridget will direct the rehearsal as John will be in Germany with his wife.
    3 pieces have been dropped : Hayom T'amtzenu, Set me as a Seal, and another one.  Turn these back to John at Olin.  
  Shelley is helping us with pronouncements of Yiddish and Hebrew.   The chart on the last page of the Hanukah Fantasy is helpful, also I have a little Dreydl  on page 3 has pronunciation assistance. 
  1.  Ding Dong merrily on high.  Repeated parts.  Measure 33 pronounce i-o as E-O.
Gloria  sing as gl ho re ah to make it sparkle.
  2.  In dulci jubilo.  Sing Gee Zoo not je su.  All sopranos on the descant.
  3.  Al Hanissim.  The sixteenth notes are dropped as in m. 76 and 124.  Sang through on ta.
  4.  Oseh Shalom.  Sing in Hebrew.
  5.  Hanukah Fantasy.  Top p. 15, m. 90-96 repeats top p. 15 then goes to the 2nd ending.  Repeat m. 99-105 back to p. 15 m. 94 and jump to p. 18, m. 108.
Finished the evening with A Spotless Rose.
Welcome back sopranos!   An interesting concert this year.  Tonight we sight-read through 12 pieces:
1.  It's the most wonderful time of the year 
2.  I'll be home for Christmas 
3.  White Christmas 
4.  A spotless rose
5.  Puer natus est nobis
6.  A carol for Chanukah, sang on tahs
7.  O, ir kleyne likhtelekh, sang on dahs
8.  Borukhate (is on you-tube)sang on dahs
9.  Hayom Tamtzenu, sang on dahs
10.  I am a little Dreydl
11.  Set me a seal
12.  Hanukah fantacy, no repeats in I have a little draidel
And more to come!