Tenor Rehearsal Notes

February 15, 2018
Rehearsal March 1 is now at Olin, March 8 is at Bates Chapel 
"Wolfy doesn't want the highest note in leap or run to be pounded"
Requiem Introitus p3 - dynamics and shaping, <> in m31, > in m45, fermata m46, m45 rit starts on beat three, don't short quarter note m29 
     Kyrie p8 - pronounce Ks and Cs 
     Lux aeterna p72 - fermata m28, rit m78, m31 OO, <> in m12-13 
     Domine Jesu p43 - m29 cascading dims, <> in m69-70 
     Hostias p51 - bold H, dynamics 
Vespers Confitebor p13 - > in m72, < in m47, m93 GENTSEE, tenors find G in m89, rit m214, m142 strong weak, > in m149, m170 a stop after TRI, > in m171 and m173, <> m184-185 
     Beatus vir p26 - > in m11 m12 m16 m19 m22, m18 watch 16ths, basses > in m21, m17 forte for bass entrance 


Rehearsal Notes Bass and Tenors February 8, 2018 
Next rehearsal, Feb 15, is at FRANCO;
on Saturday, Feb 17, we rehearse at Olin 9:00 to Noon 
Requiem Offertorium p43 - we are to shape ms 4-6 and ms 30-32 and similar phrases, p45 
don't punch low notes in near-octave leaps, m13 a luscious L, terraced dynamics ms 60-66 
     Hostias p51 - decresc in m23, 27, 31, m46 FAC is a word ending with K sound and not a 
     Lux aeterna p72 - work on for next week 
     Introitus p3 - work on for next week 
Vespers Magnificat p52 - dim in m24, m54 decresc, accent dePOsuit in ms 41 and 42, tenors big vowel in m21 on FE, tenors m42 written to not line up with other parts 
     Confitebor p13 - hairpins in m20 and 22, similar in m40-41 and m56 and m59, decresc in m31-33, watch for additional shaping 


February 1, 2018 
Vespers Laudate pueri p38 -  shape every phrase, m27 shorten final note to half its value, breaths in m37 and m71, dim in m11, m16, m20, m24, m51-52, m58-60, m80-81, cresc around m85, tenors big vowel m73 and careful in m74-75, tenors watch 8ths on p44
Magnificat p52 - memorize to m12, at m7 tempo doubles, m25 rit before fermata, work on this movement 
Confitebor p13 - work on this 
Requiem Kyrie p8 - memorize to m12, m1 get Bb high enough 
Dies irae p14 - shape phrases, watch for dynamics 




I have not been doing notes as of yet because John has been doing notes about what we are to

work on. I will start with this weeks rehearsal.   Please make your own notes and make use of the
rehearsal tracks  on achorale.net or any other site you may find helpful.   I have been doing notes for
seven years and like to pass the job on to someone else. Please let me know if you would do it.
Thanks, Dick.