History of the Chorale


The Androscoggin Chorale began in 1972 when a group of singers, several from Bates College, approached Marion Anderson, a music professor at Bates, to form a community chorus.  Under his baton the group’s performances included the Vivaldi “Gloria” with string quartet accompaniment in 1974 and Randall Thompson’s “Frostiana.”  Performances took place in Lewiston, Maine, at the Trinity Episcopal Church and in the building which became the Lewiston Sun Journal Newspaper.


Mr. Anderson continued as conductor with the group for three years.  At that time, Dale Perkins became conductor and the Chorale’s performances included the Brahms German Requiem. Mr. Perkins resigned his position as conductor in the early 1980s.


Peter Frewen was hired by the Board of the Androscoggin Chorale in 1982 and continued as conductor until 2006.  During the years with Mr. Frewen the Maine Music Society (MMS) was formed in 1991 as an umbrella organization for the Androscoggin Chorale and the Maine Chamber Ensemble and was managed from an office on Lisbon Street, Lewiston.


The Maine Music Society welcomed Mr. John Corrie, music instructor at Bates College, as Artistic Director in the spring of 2006.  The Chorale has nearly doubled in size under his leadership.  The Chorale performs at least three different concerts per year with two or three performances of each concert.  The annual budget is around $115,000. This money is raised through ticket sales, individual and corporate fund giving and special events including a concert of all a cappella music, “The Battle of the Blends,” a professionally-led wine tasting, and a silent auction.  


In the summer of 2013, under the direction of Mr. Corrie, the Chorale formed "The Androscoggin Chorale Chamber Singers."  This ensemble of about twenty auditioned singers rehearses every other week, preparing a varied repertoire of classical, popular, and contemporary works.  The Chamber Singers are available for additional performances around the community.


In 2015 in order to celebrate our 25th season, the Chorale changed its name to "The Maine Music Society Chorale" and the Chamber Singers have become "The Maine Music Society Chamber Singers."  These names were changed to emphasize that we are major parts of the Maine Music Society, our umbrella organization.