Introduction to the Chorale

                              A Brief Introduction to the Maine Music Society Chorale


Welcome to the Maine Music Society Chorale. We are an auditioned chorus, striving to make beautiful music in the Lewiston-Auburn area.

Chorale Structure

Conductor and Artistic Director: John Corrie

Chorale President: Susan Trask

Section Leaders: Sheryl Whitmore, Soprano; Jean Bass, Alto; Dick Creighton, Tenor; Jon Whitmore, Bass.


Rehearsals are Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9:30 pm with an occasional Saturday morning rehearsal. During the week before a concert performance there are usually extra rehearsals. The schedule of rehearsals for the year will be available early in the season. We generallyschedule three chorale concerts a year.

Responsibilities of singers

Keeping up: Singers are expected to obtain information about musical instructions and markings missed if they have been absent. Usually the notes from rehearsals are sent out by the section leaders via email. Please read them and mark your scores accordingly.

We have a Chorale website,, where singers can find many resources to support learning the music. For most pieces, rehearsal tracks recorded by our accompanist may be found, and links to YouTube recordings are often listed. Section leader notes are also usually posted. It is most helpful if singers practice and learn the notes early on, so that more rehearsal time can be spent on interpretation and polishing.

In order to ensure the most effective rehearsals, please

  • Bring a pencil for making notations in the music. Use the pencil liberally!

  • Give your attention to the director during his instructions.

  • Remain quiet when another section is singing separately.

  • Do not hum or tap your foot unless asked to do so by the director.

  • Treat the rehearsal space and the performance spaces with respect.


Attendance at all rehearsals is expected. Attendance is noted by section leaders and by the director. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal, please contact the director and your section leader in advance by phone or email to let us know you are unable to attend. Phone numbers and email addresses for section leaders and other members of the chorale will be distributed to you early in the season.

Up to two rehearsals may be missed for a particular concert. If you have missed two rehearsals and find you will be missing a third, please contact the director and discuss with him whether it will be appropriate for you to sing in the concert. It is important that each singer be well prepared for each concert.

Financial matters

Chorale dues are $50 per year, $80 for a couple.

Music is purchased by each singer from the Chorale. It ranges in cost from approximately $8 to $30 for a year consisting of three concerts. Once all the music has been distributed, we will inform you of the amount. You may bring a check made out to Maine Music Society to rehearsal at that time.

Concert Dress:

For women: a specific black dress, black shoes (not sneakers) and black hose. A scarf will be provided. If you do not yet have a dress, a Chorale representative will arrange to order it for you. Cost is around $65.

For men: a black tuxedo, tuxedo shirt, black shoes (not sneakers) and socks, and black bow-tie and cummerbund.


As part of the Maine Music Society, the MMS Chorale is a community organization. Except for the Artistic Director, accompanist, and part-time office staff, we operate on the participation of volunteers. Successful and satisfying concerts happen only through the efforts of many hands.

There are many ways to participate:

  1. First, and most important, is learning the music in a timely way and singing purposefully.

  2. In preparation for concerts:

    • Putting up posters

    • Sellingtickets! For our best-attended concerts, Chorale members sell -- by far -- the largest percentage of tickets

    • Coordinating distribution of tickets

    • Helping with staging and other concert production

  3. Ongoing tasks

    • Organizing poster distribution

    • Organizing refreshment list for rehearsals

    • Managing the ordering of concert dresses

    • Collecting dues and music money and keeping records

    • Development work. The MMS Board has a Development Committee which oversees fundraising. This committee also needs volunteers who would help with various tasks, such as thanking donors, acting as a liaison to corporate sponsors, etc.

    • Special events. MMS holds several major fund-raising events during the year, which are all labor-intensive. Many opportunities exist for members to assist in planning and participating in these events.

    • Newspaper watch: Clip and collect any articles or ads pertaining to MMS from local newspapers.

The Maine Music Society

The Maine Music Society is the umbrella organization for the Maine Music Society Chorale and our professional Maine Music Society Orchestra. It supports the artistic and educational efforts of these two groups. MMS is nonprofit and has an elected board of directors.

Current board members as of September 2014:

Connie Hitchcock,* President

(Open) Vice-President

Anne Jarvis, Treasurer

Susan Trask,* Secretary

Judy Andrucki,* Anne Auer, David Blocher,* Christine Bosse, Mindy Davis, Lauriane Laliberte, Gil Lapointe, Jan Marston, Diane Marquis-Monaghan, Dick Wagner*

*Also Chorale members

Financial support for the MMS comes from corporate sponsors, grants, businesses, organizations and from individuals. We are always striving to broaden our base of support. We are also looking for new ideas for fundraising. Please mention your ideas to any board member.

Artistic Director

Our Artistic Director is John Corrie. Mr. Corrie first led the Androscoggin Chorale in concert in June of 2006. He holds degrees from Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Northwestern University School of Music and Yale University School of Music. As a Fulbright-Hays Scholar, Mr. Corrie studied organ and harpsichord at the Hochschule fur Musik in Vienna, Austria, in 1972-1973. He is lecturer in music at Bates College, conducts the College Choir, teaches musicianship classes, and also teaches private lessons in voice, organ and harpsichord. He is organist at the Bates College Chapeland was organist-choir director for 25 years at the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in Falmouth. He is currently organist-choir director at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in Yarmouth.

Once, again, welcome! We look forward to making beautiful music together!