Singers who Volunteer

It takes many hands to keep the Chorale working well. 

Here's a list of current jobs and singers who are doing them.

BIG shout-out thanks to you all !

(We are not listing your last name to protect your privacy) 


Auction organizer Dick W.
CD production  John C.  
CD distribution Janet L.  
Chorale president Susan T.
Dress ordering Christine K.
Dues and music accounting Woody T.

Tricia K.

Name tags Janet L.
Poster distribution management Connie H.
Poster distribution  

Bob A., Britny A., Tami S., Karen C., Susan C., Bridget C.,

Eileen C., Tom C., Betty Sue E., Connie H., Brian P., Cathy S.,

Ruth Ann S., Helene St. H., Melissa S., Susan W., Jon W., Jean B., Doug H., Barbara L., Karen L.,Jeff M., Jon M., Rick R., Susan S.

Recording (audio) Rick R.
Refreshments organizer Kathy B.
Section leaders Sheryl W., Jean B., Dick C., Jon W.
Section assistants Eileen C., Joyce S.

Stage building

John C., Woody T., Susan T., Bob H.,

Connie H., Ralph H.

Stage decorating /

production assistance

Annette B.
Thank you notes to donors Faith T.
Ticket distribution

Doug H.

Website (

Rick and Shelley R.



The above are ongoing tasks.

So far this year,

we also thank:


Buffet dinner

for groups of

“Battle of the Blends” 

Sheryl W., chair, and Amey and Liz F.